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 [tech]I have been in dire need of touchscreen gloves. My hands have been freezing while I try to text. There are so many out there but the best ones I’ve come across are from Glovely and they are sold at OpenSky, one of my favorite sites!. There are little magnets in the wrist area to keep them together when you aren’t using them and the care tag on the inside is used as a screen cleaner! Glovely has various styles, including leather!



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Fashionable Tech Gifts: Text-Friendly Gloves

Fingers practically frozen? Need to text your friend to let her know you're going to be late?'s gloves have a special fiber in them that allows you to type on your phone or tablet screen. No more cold fingers (or missed texts!). 


Glove-ing this Friday Find - click here to view

This time of the year in Buffalo, it's dangerous to step outside without proper winter gear! There's nothing worse than having to remove your gloves to use your phone, a problem that's been saloved thanks to this week's Friday Find -!
These gloves allow every finger, even your palms, to work on any touch screen. They are great for phones, tablets, even navigation systems in your car!



Stay Warm And Use Your Whole Hand With These Capacitive Gloves For iPad, iPhone

Cult Of Mac, 2/21/13 - click to read full review 

It’s no longer a surprise to walk into a store that sells gloves and mittens and finding a pair with capacitive spots on the thumb and forefinger. These gloves let you tap on the screen of your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or other touchscreen device without having to take off your gloves, thereby saving you from potential cold hands or frostbite.

Living in a cold city like Anchorage, AK, I’ve come to appreciate the ability to use my iPhone when I’m outside, but really haven’t found a pair of gloves that let me use my iPhone naturally and easily, until now, with these knit gloves from These soft, warm knit gloves now let me use my forefinger, a pinky, a thumb–indeed, a whole hand or two–to tap, swipe, and multi-touch gesture my way around an iPhone or iPad screen.

I’m fairly in (g)love.

The fine folks at sent along two pairs of their whole-hand gloves, each woven with special silver fibers that transform the entire glove into a capacitive surface. The first pair, named “Classic”, feel fairly typical of other knit gloves you might find at a retail outlet. The second, “Cozy,” provide an extra gentle layer of fuzzy yarn on the inside of the glove, enveloping my hands in calm, comfortable warmth. For feel alone, the Cozy version of gloves are a wonder to wear.

Wearing these gloves about my daily tasks out and about in town, I quickly found them indispensable. My hands were kept much warmer than without gloves, and I easily forgot that I was wearing them at times, since I could easily pull out my iphone, tap in the security code, check email, swipe through websites and eBooks, play games, and the like. I ultimately chose to wear the “Classic” gloves more often, since they had fewer touch errors than the “Cozy” version, perhaps due to the extra non-capacitive fiber in the latter.

One size fits all may be true, on average, but I found both pairs to be on the small side for my larger hands. They’re completely usable, but the fingers don’t completely meet the webbing between my fingers, and the wrist section just about hits my wrists. They’re on the small side. In addition, with the Cozy style pair of gloves, the right hand glove was just a minute bit smaller than the left, making them feel a little awkward even in their velvety smoothness. Still, I’d rather have capacitive gloves run a bit small than large, due to the fact that the glove touching your skin is what makes it all work.

The little magnets woven into the wrist area of each glove is a stroke of brilliance, too, as they provide a way to keep your gloves together when they’re not on your wrists. The magnets aren’t super strong, so I wouldn’t trust them for secure glove attachment in an extreme situation, but they’re good enough to stuff in a pocket or purse and not fall away from each other. The magnets also give you a nice visual cue when putting on the gloves; I placed it on the inside of each wrist when I slipped them on to differentiate between left and right gloves (though they’ll work on either).

Bottom line, the Classic gloves are worth the $25 asking price (you can even get a discount if you Tweet about them, as well). The Cozy version of the gloves (not yet on the site for sale) feel amazing, but I had some trouble with the irregular size of one of the gloves, and an occasional mis-tap. If you live in a place where keeping your fingers warm is important, and you want to be able to use more than your thumb or forefinger to work with your iPhone or other touchscreen device, is a fantastic, affordable option.

Control your touchscreen devices in the cold with gloves

ZDNet, 2/13/13 - click to read full review 

"I don't like to wear gloves that are too big and bulky so the ones are just about perfect for driving and getting out and about around town.

I tried some other touchscreen gloves before, but the threads inside were a bit uncomfortable. I have also seen the gloves with touch sensitive areas just on select fingers and those type limit how you use and interact with your device. The gloves are quite comfortable and offer a reasonable level of warmth. They look great in black with white threads. The silver threads are integrated throughout the gloves so they are touch sensitive everywhere, just like your bare hand."

Don’t let a snow storm stop you from using your iPhone, 2/14/13 - click to read full review

"If you’ve ever been out in the bitter cold and wanted to use your iPhone (or smartphone in general), then you already know just how much it sucks to do so as your fingers feel like they’re about to fall off. Thankfully, there’s a solution to this and it involves non other than a pair of touchscreen compatible gloves. Some simply have cutout holes at the fingertips, while others are actually made with conductive fabric and no digits need to be exposed. One such pair is the touchscreen gloves, and they’re designed where the entire glove can interact with the iPhone’s display. They’re smartly designed, look great and even have two magnetic points that help keep the gloves together.

Unlike many of the smartphone-friendly gloves out in the market that either have specific silver contact points or require its users to poke their fingers out from beneath, is woven with real silver threading. This means that you can use your phone or tablet with your entire hand, and not just select finger tips. According to the care label, they’re made mostly out of acrylic (90%), with a finish that’s really soft to touch. They stretch quite a bit and the fabric is relatively thin, and for adults, it’s one size fits all (there’s a Kids size option for ages 4-14)."

"After using the gloves for the past two weeks, I’ve really come to to rely on them when I’m outdoors. I don’t go anywhere without them now and I love how I can still use my iPhone (or iPad) in the cold and not have my hands freeze. They’re comfortable, look great and work well on touchscreen devices. Not to mention that the magnets hidden behind the company logo is a very nice touch. All in all, if you’re looking for a pair of iPhone (or Android) friendly gloves that are warm and work well with your device’s display, the is a solid choice." 


Review: touchscreen gloves

"Rating 4/5", 2/3/13 - click to read full review

 Some smartphones like the Nokia Lumia 920 allow touch screen control even with gloves on. But for iPhones and the majority of Android devices, users have no option in cold weather but to take theif fingers out of their gloves in order to interface with their devices. We've seen gloves that have capacitive tips, but these are often bulky and generally unattractive. solves the problem with a little bit of style. is a fully conductive touch screen glove with real silver threading thats lets you use your phone with your whole hand (instead of just small ugly fingertip pads). They're soft, attractive, and inexpensive at $25.00 a pair.'s gloves are thin, lightweight and conveniently designed to fit all hand sizes. They fit snugly and seem to adjust to your hand size after a few hours so they don't feel over stretched. gloves also come with magnets that connect the two gloves together so there's less of a chance of them getting lost. I tested a pair recently during a particularly cold day in Toronto and they managed to keep my hands warms in -17 wind chills for around 20 minutes ( it got too cold after that and I needed thicker gloves).

The pair worked as promised. I was able to use various mobile devices. Interacting with my iPhone 5, Galaxy SIII was doable but without the precision of using bare fingers. I managed to shoot photos, scroll through email messages and even managed to type out a few tweets.

The gloves also work well for general use but I would advise against using them for driving since they are a bit slippery on the steering wheel. has taken capacitive gloves to another level. Being lightweight and easy to carry makes them a great second options for general use but the may not be enough for really cold Canadian winter temperatures. gloves are still highly recommended for general use and can truly make a difference when one needs to access their mobile devices while keeping their hands warm. Touchscreen Gloves -

"Recommended", 1/2/13 - click to read full review

 "Designed and raised in New York City, the Touchscreen Gloves are super comfortable, conductive knit gloves for your day-to-day adventures around town. Their understated design and clever magnet connection system mean that you can look good while never worrying about losing your touchscreen gloves."


Your Screen-Obsessed Friend Will Adore These Smartphone Gloves, "Gift of the Day Series" 12/4/12 - click to read full review

If you live in a climate that gets chilly in the winter and you want to keep your (connected) loved ones warm, we might have just the ticket. Have you considered a pair of winter gloves that your giftee can use with her gadget?

The nature of most touchscreens means that unless skin makes contact with the screen, it won't react. However, real silver threading woven throughout gloves puts the conductivity back into your touch.
The gloves from, a small New York startup, let you use your phone or tablet with your whole hand, as opposed to alternate options, which rely on special fingertip pads. With stretchy one-size-fits-all sizing, they are suitable for both men and women.
Made from a heavy-grade acrylic blend in a flecked charcoal finish, the gloves boast a warm, soft feel.'s proprietary "MagLove" technology (two small magnets embedded in the fabric) keep your gloves together (and happy, apparently). 

Review: MagLove Gloves – Three Words: I Glove You.

TripTronicTech, 12/4/12 - click to read full review


I hate gloves. I always have. I’m very technologically centered, and wearing gloves means having to take them off every single time I want to reply to a text, send a tweet, instagram a picture of my food, it’s such a hassle. Thank god I stumbled upon the gloves. Gloves are black, stylish, stretchy gloves that have small metallic strands throughout them allowing the user/wearer to use there cell phones and touchscreen devices from the comfort of your gloves.

Now, I know what you’re saying. These gloves have been around for years! No big deal! But does it different. The gloves not only work with touchscreens, but make you look good too. The gloves are all black with bits of white in them where the metallic (which you do not feel at all) is.  Instead of having grey circles on the tip of your fingers, these gloves make you feel stylish while still feeling nerdy.

I’ve spent quite a few chilly mornings with the Gloves, and they’re magnificent. The gloves work great with my iPhone 5, the only small drawback being that you have to press a little hard with the gloves to type. Understandable, but a bit of a learning curve occurred for a light-touched person such as myself. I haven’t found any “dead” spots on the gloves where the touchscreens don’t work.

The biggest drawback to the gloves is that they aren’t full-blown winter gloves. They’re a bit thin and can be chilly at times, which is still an understandable drawback for having the use of your phones in the freezing cold.’s also have an amazing feature called “MagLove” which is a small stitched in magnet that allows you to stick the gloves together so that you don’t lose them, which is definitely something I need and have used every day. I was warned that the magnets are known to fall out, which mine is definitely starting to do, but I was assured that this was fixed in the latest shipment and shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

For the low price of $25,’s Glovely Gloves are certainly worth it just for the ability to use your phones or devices in the cold. The MagLove Glove has become a new permanent add-on to my technology-fueled life. I have already recommended them to all of my friends and I certainly recommend them to you.



Control your touchscreen devices in the cold with gloves

148Apps, 1/15/13 - click to read full review

>Living in a cold place sucks for touchscreen use; trust me. These gloves offer an entire hands worth of touchscreen joy in a one-size-fits all design that seems much classier than the typical eGlove. 

Ashton Kutcher's Gift Picks

Fab Favorites From @aplusk

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Buying gifts is hard to do. I can't keep giving people cameras every year, and you should stop recycling bread makers. I love Fab because it always has a quirky selection of goods I didn't even know existed. These items definitely caught my eye.

-Ashton Kutcher, Design Lover & Fab Fan 


Then, on 1/24/13, Ashton (@aplusk) again tweeted his glovely love:

for today's weather, these's definitely get an A+ 


ABC 7 Eyewitness News

Secret Sales, 2/14/13

With the cold weather, it's a juggle to maintain the warmth of gloves with the need to navigate your technology. allows you to use your smart phone without having to take off your gloves. Use your whole whole hand, not just the fingertips. When not in use, the gloves magnetically stick together to avoid losing one. Available in one-size-fits-all for adults and for children ages 4-14.  

YoctoCon Gloves Review

1/27/13 - click to read full review


"Now I’ve been to New York, I can say that actually they helped A LOT in the cold of Manhattan through the first half of this month and the magnet on either glove was an amazing feature as it stopped me dropping one of the gloves in a taxi."


Sizing Chart

Love the gloves... what's next? Choose your size..


The Classic 

Measure the height of the handpicture of hand


We recommend for the following:

Our Size: Glove Length from Middle Finger to
bottom of Palm (not including cuff)
Glove Width
(from side to side)
Female Male
Small 5.5 inches 3 inches Small or Medium Hand Small Hand
Medium/Large 6.3 inches 3.9 inches Large Hand Medium or Large Hand

** Classic gloves have lots of elasticity to fit many sizes


Measure the height of the handpicture of hand


We recommend for the following:

Our Size: Measure length from top of middle finger to bottom of palm Measure width of palm Female Male
Small 5.6 inches 2.8 inches X-Small or Small Hand Small
Medium 6.7 inches 3.3 inches Medium or Large Hand Medium Hand 
Large 7 inches 4 inches
Large Hand


Measure the height of the handpicture of hand


We recommend for the following:

Our Size: Measure length from top of middle finger to bottom of palm Measure width of palm Female Male
X-Small 4.6 inches 2.75 inches X-Small
Small 5.6 inches 2.95 inches Small Hand
Medium 7 inches 3.3 inches Medium or Large Hand Small or Medium  Hand 
Large 7.3 inches 4 inches
Medium or Large Hand


Leather Gloves


To find your glove size, take a tape measure and measure around your hand.  
size inch inch
XS 6
S 7 1/2 6 1/2
M 8 7
L 8 1/2 7 1/2
XL 9 8